9th production series

Model Prod. Nr Side Nr User 1st Flight Other
An-28A 1AJ009-01 Jeden z dwóch prototypów wersji arktycznej, nigdy nie ukończony.
An-28A 1AJ009-02 Jeden z dwóch prototypów wersji arktycznej, nigdy nie ukończony.
An-28 1AJ009-03 JW9032 Tanzania Air Force ex; RA-28937 Rodina (Russia)
An-28 1AJ009-04 UN-28001 ? (Kazakhstan) ex: UN-28938, CCCP-28938
An-28 1AJ009-05 RF-01195 Rodina (Russia) RA-28939
An-28 1AJ009-06 RF-03555 Rodina (Russia) ex: RA-28940 Rodina Kiz late05 c/n 1AJ007-04 painted on 07sep07 c/n 1AJ009-09 painted, see above lines
An-28 1AJ009-07 RA-28941 Vostok Aviakompania (Russia)
An-28 1AJ009-08 RA-28942 Vostok no engines, but was active in summer 2006, 30mar94 stil no engines Vladivostock Air (Russia) ex; CCCP-28942,
An-28 1AJ009-09 YL-KAF Rigas Aeroclubs (Latvia) ex YL-KAC, CCCP-28943, RA-28943
An-28 1AJ009-10 UN-28944 ? (Kazakhstan) ex CCCP-28944
An-28 1AJ009-11 YV-1043CP prywatny (Venezuela) 2/1/1991 damaged 29.01.2002 ex ; CCCP-28945,RA-28945
An-28 1AJ009-12 RA-28902 Region Avia (Kirgistan) ex: EX-28946 Kyrgyzstan Airlines, CCCP-28946
An-28 AJ009-13 UN-28947 ? (Kazakhstan) ex CCCP-28947
An-28 1AJ 009-14 J2-MAT Djibouti Air Force ex; YL-KAA To J2-MAT Djibouti Air Force late 1994
An-28 1AJ009-15 YL-KAB Air Livonia/Skydive Voss (Estonia)
An-28 1AJ009-16 RA-28950 Opf Bashkirian Airlines (Russia) damaged beyond repair 19.04.2000 April 19, 2000 when ran off runway into a ditch whilst on take off Tigil. ex ; CCCP-28950
An-28 1AJ009-17 ? (DR Congo) 16/5/1991 31dec08 tail shot with only c/n visible ex: RA-28951, CCCP-28951,
An-28 1AJ009-18 RA-28952 ex: 9Q-CKC, RA-28952, CCCP-28952
An-28 1AJ009-19 RA-28903 Region Avia ex: RA-28953, CCCP-28953
An-28 1AJ009-20 RA-28954 Kalakrtyrka Air Ent 09aug06 noted wfu at Ozero Kalakrtyrka
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