6th production series

Model Prod. Nr Side Nr User 1st Flight Other
An-28 1AJ006-01 9Q-CZL Blue Lines of Zaire (DR Congo) 1989 14 APR 2000 on the ground aircraft were damaged or destroyed in the fire, ex ; CCCP-28793,RA-28793
An-28 1AJ006-02 ST-TYB Kratol Aviation f/n ELF 16aug08, no titles; in all-white c/s, Latvian flag and upper half of black arrow still visible on tail; C of A renewed 08oct08 opb El Dinder Aviation Co ex EK-28602 , RA-2128K, RA-28794,
An-28 1AJ006-03 9Q-CFY African Air (Rwanda) 17/04/1989 ex: 9XR-KI Aigle Aviation, 3C-KKI, 9Q-CFY (African Air), CCCP-28795
An-28 1AJ006-04 ES-NOY Enimex (Estonia) 1989 Crashed at Tallinn Ülemiste airport while taking off 10 Feb 2003.(ex ; CCCP-28796 , RA-28769, Mfd 0089, Del 0601)Shortly after takeoff, the aircraft stalled, crashed and burst into flames in a wooded area. Engine failure.(passengers:0 crew:3) 1 przeżył
An-28 1AJ006-05 CCCP-28797 Chukotavia (Russia) 1989 01 FEB 1995 The aircraft landed hard (+4,5g) some 5 metres short of the runway
An-28 1AJ006-07 SP-DDC PZL-Mielec
An-28 1AJ006-08 00608 Private odbudowany, ex wrak SP-FFN, SP-DDD, TC-FEB
An-28 1AJ006-09 RA-28703 ? (Russia) ex CCCP-28703, RA-28703
An-28 1AJ006-11 9Q-CUN Middlanditracep 12/06/1989 ex 9XR-IM (9XR-1M ?) (Rwanda) SP-FHR, RA-28700, CCCP-28700
An-28 1AJ006-12 ER-AJE Tepavia Trans/Air Mark (Moldova), opf. African Union 23jun89 Operating for: African Union r.bud 1989 24 DEC 2005 Crashed shortly after takeoff Zalingei (Sudan) . The plane’s two pilots, a Ukrainian and a Moldovan, were killed. ex:RA-28701
An-28 1AJ006-13 CCCP-28702 Aeroflot / East Siberia (Russia) 1989 16 MAR 1990 Sustained severe damage; probably damaged beyond repair.
An-28 1AJ006-14 EY-28704 ? (Tajikistan) ex CCCP-28704
An-28 1AJ006-15 EY-28705 ? (Tajikistan) ex CCCP-28705
An-28 1AJ006-16 CCCP-28706 Aeroflot (Russia) 1989 03 JAN 1992 Landed short of runway.
An-28 1AJ006-17 9L-LFN 748 Air Services ex RA-28707 CCCP-28707
An-28 1AJ006-18 RA-28708 ? (Russia) ex CCCP-28708
An-28 1AJ006-19 RA-28709 ? (Russia) ex CCCP-28709
An-28 1AJ006-20 CCCP-28710 (USSR)
An-28 1AJ006-21 LY-APB Untitled Air Klaipeda (Litwa) ex CCCP-28711, RA-28710
An-28 1AJ006-23 RA-28713 Koryak Air (Russia) 1989 12 MAY 1994 Heavy landing; probably damaged beyond repair.
An-28 1AJ006-24 RA-28714 Aeroflot, Opf Kroyak Air (Russia)
An-28 1AJ006-25 RA-28715 Koryakavia (Russia) One of twice An-28 airliner of Koryakavia
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