5th production series

Model Prod. Nr Side Nr User 1st Flight Other
An-28 1AJ005-01 ST-ISG El Magal ex: EK-28501 Ayk Avia (Armenia), flev AVT-LXR;
An-28 1AJ005-02 ES-NOF Enimex (Estonia) 29 NOV 1999 Both engines flamed out, probably as a result of fuel exhaustion. ex ; CCCP-28756, RA-28756,
An-28 1AJ005-03 EY-28757 ? (Tajikistan) ex ; CCCP-28757
An-28 1AJ005-06 SP-DDB PZL Mielec przebudowany na AJEP01-01 SP-DDF M-28PT “Piryt” Skytruck ex; Safari PZL Mielec-bialy,zolte stateczniki Sprint,
An-28 1AJ005-07 EP-827 Peru Air Force 14/7/1988 stare malowanie jedna z 2szt
An-28 1AJ005-08 EY-28775 Tajikistan Airlines (Tajikistan) not in fleet list 01nov04
An-28 1AJ005-09 9Q-CZN Blue Lines (DR Congo) 30/07/1988 ex RA-28776
An-28 1AJ005-10 9Q-CZM Blue Airlines (DR Congo) 28/07/1988 ex CCCP-28777
An-28 1AJ005-11 HA-LAJ Hungarian Aeronautical Association (Hungary) 1988 28 AUG 1993 landed heavily and was damaged beyond repair ex CCCP-28778, RA-28778
An-28 1AJ005-12 S9-CAH Goliaf Air (Sao Tome and Principe) 2/9/1988 ex ER-AJK stil in feb05 fleet list ex ; RA-28779, CCCP-28779
An-28 1AJ005-13 YV1756 T.A Corpor rozbieżne dane patrz 1AJ007-16 !!! damagedy CCS 23nov06 while parked at CCS when suddenly rolled forward (possibly caused by downwash from a helicopter) and ran down an incline into some bushes; was f/n Car 01dec07, ex: ES-DAB (Air Livonia (Estonia)), RA-28780, CCCP-28780
An-28 1AJ005-14 5R-MJL ? (Madagascar) 28/9/1988 ex ER-AJL,(Other dane ER-ASL) CCCP-28781
An-28 1AJ005-15 ? (Kenya) 28/9/1988 ex: CCCP-28782
An-28 1AJ005-16 CCCP-28783 12/10/1988
An-28 1AJ005-17 9Q-CMZ Sun Air Service (DR Congo) 28/10/1988 ex; CCCP-28784
An-28 1AJ005-18 CCCP-28785 Syktyvkar Avia, Komi Avia 1988 October 19, 1992 Crashed on takeoff. The aircraft became airborne but then stalled and crashed. Engine failure.Near Usti Nem, Russia (passengers:14 crew:2)przezyl 1 pasazer
An-28 1AJ005-19 ? (Kenya) 6/1/1989 ex CCCP-28786, UN-28786(Kazakhstan),
An-28 1AJ005-20 4L-28001 Sky Wind (Georgia) ex 4K-AZ58 Sky Wind ex UR-28787
An-28 1AJ005-21 EP-826 Peru Air Force 12/1/89 ex RA-28788, CCCP-28788
An-28 1AJ005-22 3C-LLA Victoria Airlines (Equatorial Guinea) 1989 in Congo , August 23, 2001 After an engine failed the crew declared an emergency and elected to divert to Bukavu but crashed 10 km short of the airport.11 (passengers:9 crew:2) przeżyło 7 pasażerów ex ; CCCP-28789, UN-28789
An-28 1AJ005-23 3C-ZZY Gran Propeller (Equatorial Guinea) crashed 31 MAR 2005 ex: 3C-KKY, UN-28790, CCCP-28790
An-28 1AJ005-24 EY-28791 (Tajikistan) ex CCCP-28791
An-28 1AJ005-25 12/4/89 sold to DR Congo ex:EP-AJF, RA-28792, CCCP-28792
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