2nd production series

Model Prod. Nr Side Nr User 1st Flight Other
An-28 1AJ002-03 RA-28806 Aeroflot (Russia)
An-28 1AJ002-05 ES-ELI ? (Estonia)
An-28 1AJ002-06 RA-28009 ? (Russia) ex; CCCP-28808 Aeroflot – USSR Civil Aviation Administration, UR-28808 , ES-NOD Enimex left Estonia in July04 sa soldto Kenya but crash-landed in Congo
An-28DP 1AJ002-07 ES-NOW Enimex (Estonia) ex CCCP-28009, RA-28009, FLARF-02726, photo
An-28 1AJ002-08 9Q-CAX Tracep-Conco Avn (DR Congo) ex; Butembo Airlines, EX-28810 31dec07 in damaged condition, left engine missing
An-28 1AJ002-09 9Q-COL (DR Congo) 1986 11 NOV 2006 damage in a hard landing at Bukavuy, ex; 9Q-CES , EX-28811
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