8th production series

Model Prod. Nr Side Nr User 1st Flight Other
An-28 1AJ008-01 RA-28901 Avia Region ex EX-28738
An-28 1AJ008-04 PZ-TST Blue Wings (Surinam) ex SP-FHP Aerogryf Poland in 1998 ,ex RA-28918 ; CCCP-28918
An-28 1AJ008-05 9Q-CFQ Service Commuter (Rwanda) 10/07/1990 9XR-KV Aigle Aviation, SP-FKW, SP-FHW Aerogryf, RA-28919, CCCP-28919,
An-28 1AJ008-06 RA-28920 Vostok Aviakompania (Russia) ex CCCP-28920
An-28 1AJ008-07 EY-28921 Tajik Air (Tajikistan) ex CCCP-28921
An-28 1AJ008-08 9Q-CSP9Q-CRA Malu Aviation (DR Congo) 08/08/1990
An-28 1AJ008-09 9Q-CJF9Q-CSP Malu Aviation (DR Congo) 16/08/1990 ex RA-28922
M28B Bryza Bis 1AJ008-10 0810 Polish Navy obecnie AJGP01-01 Prototyp zmodyfikowanego podwozia tzn. przednie koło całe chowane , główne podwozie łamane pod zastrzałami.
An-28 1AJ008-11 CCCP-28924 Aeroflot / East Siberia (Russia) 23 OCT 1991Heavy landing; damaged beyond repair.
An-28 1AJ008-12 RA-28925 (Russia) ex CCCP-28925
An-28 1AJ008-13 S9-PSV Goliaf (Sao Tome and Principe) 16aug90 nov08 wfu “still with ‘(ER-)AKO’ on the wing , ex ER-AKO TepAvia Trans n/t ex ; CCCP-28926,RA-28926
An-28 1AJ008-14 JW9031 Tanzania Air Force ex: RA-28927 Rodina (Russia)
An-28 1AJ008-15 RA-28928 Rodina (Russia)
An-28 1AJ008-16 RA-28929 Vostok (Russia) ex CCCP-28929
An-28 1AJ008-17 RA-28930 (Russia) ex CCCP-28930
An-28 1AJ008-18 RA-28931 Vostok Aviakompania (Russia)
An-28 1AJ008-19 RA-28932 Vostok Aviakompania (Russia) crashed 29.08.2002 into a cliff in dense fog as it prepared to land at Ayan. ATC lost contact with the aircraft 12 minutes before it was scheduled to land. The crew made four attempts to land before disappearing off radar.Fatalities: all 16(passengers:14 crew:2) ex ; CCCP-28932
An-28 1AJ008-20 RA-28933 (Russia) ex CCCP-28933
An-28 1AJ008-21 9Q-COM TRACEP (DR Congo) 1990 crashed 03.08.2006 : August 03, 2006 The aircraft was flying in low cloud and poor weather conditions as it approached the airport at Bukavu when it clipped a mountainside and plunged into the forest in flames 9 miles short of the runway.Fatalities:all 17(passengers:14 crew:3)ex EX-018, EX-28934 Mango Mat
An-28 1AJ008-22 UP-A2805 (Kazakhstan) ex UN-28935, CCCP-28935
An-28 1AJ008-23 UN-28936 (Kazakhstan) ex CCCP-28936
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