3rd production series

Model Prod. Nr Side Nr User 1st Flight Other
An-28 1AJ003-01 CCCP-28812 (USSR)
An-28 1AJ003-02 RA-28813 ? (Russia) registration cancelled 17.12.1999 ex CCCP-28813
An-28 1AJ003-03 ES-NOV ELK Aviation Co. (Estonia) 1986 rozbity in Kardla (Estonia) 23.11.2001 (passengers:14 crew:3)zginelo 2 pasazerow, ex CCCP-28814, RA-28814
An-28 1AJ003-04 UN-28740 ? (Kazakhstan) ex CCCP-28740
An-28 1AJ003-05 CCCP-28741 (USSR) 1987 14 AUG 1987 Heavy landing; damaged beyond repair.
An-28 1AJ003-06 UN-28742 ? (Kazakhstan) ex CCCP-28742
An-28 1AJ003-07 S9-PSB ? (Sao Tome and Principe) 07jan87 ex CCCP-28743, RA-28743, ER-AJA
An-28 1AJ003-08 RA-28744 ? (Russia) Russia Sold to Rwanda in a non flying condition in 1999. ex ; CCCP-28744
An-28 1AJ003-09 ER-AJG Tep Avia (Moldova) 31jan87 crash-landed at Kamina, Congo (KMF) October 30, 2003 ex CCCP-28745, RA-28745, ER-AJB ?
An-28 1AJ003-10 RA-28746 ? (Russia) ex CCCP-28746, RA-28746
An-28 1AJ003-11 RA-28747 ? (Russia) Russia Sold to Rwanda in 1999 in non flying condition. ex CCCP-28747
An-28 1AJ003-12 9Q-CSX 27mar87 ex ER-AJC Tep Avia (Moldova), CCCP-28748, RA-28748
An-28 1AJ003-13 UN-28749 ? (Kazakhstan) ex CCCP-28749
An-28 1AJ003-14 EV-28750 ? (Tajikistan) not in fleet list 01nov04 ex ; CCCP-28750, EY-28750
An-28 1AJ003-15 EV-28751 ? (Tajikistan) not in fleet list 01nov04 ex ; CCCP-28751, EY-25751
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