4th production series

Model Prod. Nr Side Nr User 1st Flight Other
An-28 1AJ004-01 ER-AJI TepAviaTrans 18/9/87 ex CCCP-28752
An-28 1AJ004-02 ex YL-KAD Riga Aeroclub (Latvia) 87 26sep08 without registration and engines, ex Weasua Air Transport ex; RA-28753 , CCCP-28753 , photo
An-28 1AJ004-03 UR-28754 (Ukraine) ex CCCP-28754
M28B Bryza 1E 1AJ004-04 0404 Polish Navy dodatkowe zbiorniki niedoszły CCCP-28755
M28B Bryza 1E 1AJ004-05 0405 Polish Navy niedoszły CCCP-28756 ??
An-28 1AJ004-06 ST-AWN AMIS (Sudan) 26jul88 ex;Air West, ER-AIP Tep Avia, SP-GCA Instytut Lotnictwa ex : niedoszły CCCP-28757
An-28 1AJ004-07 ST-AWH TET (Sudan) 25oct87 ex ER-AJH Air West ex ; CCCP-28758
An-28 1AJ004-08 YV148T Skydive (Venezuela) 27/10/1987 ex YV-1147CP, ST-GWA, ES-NOA, UR-28759, CCCP-28759
An-28 1AJ004-09 ER-AJG Trans Kasai Air 13nov87 ex; RA-28760, CCCP-28760
An-28 1AJ004-10 CCCP-28761 (USSR) 18 AUG 1990 Heavy landing; probably damaged beyond repair. Other dane!!! według Soviet Transports : 1AJ 004-10 9Q-CCM no titles SHB 26sep06 in white/grey c/s without cheatline; ex RA-28957
An-28 1AJ004-11 EY-28762 ? (Tajikistan) ex CCCP-28762 zdjęcie Aeroplan 2’97
An-28 1AJ004-12 9Q-CPG Malila Airlift (DR Congo) 10/12/1987 ex CCCP-28763
An-28 1AJ004-13 UR-28764 (Ukraine) ex CCCP-28764
An-28 1AJ004-14 UR-28765 (Ukraine) ex CCCP-28765
An-28 1AJ004-15 9L-LFS ex 9XR-KG (SPD Savran PV (Rwanda)), UR-ZAN, UR-28766 CCCP-28766
An-28 1AJ004-16 CCCP-28767 (USSR)
An-28 1AJ004-17 UR-28768 Aeroklub im.Antonowa (Ukraine) ex CCCP-28768, RA-28768 , photo
An-28 1AJ004-18 22may04 bare metal
An-28 1AJ004-20 RF-49808 ROSTO
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